Fabregas spent 7 seasons playing in Arsenal as he started his Arsenal career in 2003 and concluded in 2010 and even though many fans agree with his decision of joining Barcelona, there are others that even consider the Spanish midfielder to be a traitor as he left Arsenal on a time that the Premier League club needed to win trophies and needed all the support they could get.


“I know some people felt bad when I left and they didn’t understand my reasons, they considered I left in bad manners. The people, who need to know the reasons, know them. The most important figure was Arsene Wenger and I have to be grateful all my life to him.” Fabregas said.


“This team has been the best for a very long time and when you play with the best, they want you to be one of them. For that, you need consistency and I feel I have that now, and I’m probably going through my best spell here’’. Fabregas added.

Fabregas has been featured in over 80 matches for Barcelona and his time playing alongside the Brazilian Neymar has reminded him of Johan Cruyff as the former Arsenal player compared Neymar to the Dutch legend.

“He reminds me of Cruyff. I never got to see him play live, but Cruyff had an incredible change of rhythm, like Neymar. He starts fast, slows down suddenly, then starts again with a lot of speed. I also remember him having the same speed when driving forward.” Fabregas told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Neymar is a versatile player that can play either as an attacking midfielder, a forward or a winger and Barcelona signed him from Santos with a price tag of €57 million and he is already being compared to Cruyff, at least according to Fabregas.