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  1. What are you on about? I didn’t disagree with you! This is getting boring now..

  2. You’re from Ireland though. I’m from England and have been to alot of stadiums so surely I have more of a point than you?

  3. By the way when talking of atmospheres and passion, etc it’s all about up north. Liverpool, newcastle, Leeds, etc. The atmosphere is dead down south at shite like Arsenal, Chelsea and Spurs.

  4. Real and Barcelona are in a complete other world to Arsenal, you can;t even compare Arsenal with either club. Arsenal are more comparable with Valencia if anyone from la liga.

  5. You may think la liga is exciting but the majority of football fans (as is evident with viewing figures) would disagree. English teams buy plenty of players but the difference with UEFA rules is that they will be able to afford to buy the best simply because they earn more money. UEFA rules simply state that a club must live within its means and the Premier league earns more money than any other league, that is a fact

  6. It’s not really a case of where the best players are produced although that will come into it slightly – it’s more a case of who can afford top players based on revenue etc. Bayern Munich will always be there, but the other German clubs don’t make the same money. As for Holland, it doesn’t come close in revenue. Real & Barca currently earn a lot but that will change with their new taxes. Man Utd will be fine, as will Arsenal

  7. Spain, Germany and Holland will currently benefit more from uefa’s finacial fair play rules than any other league since the best players in the world are generally produced in these countries.

  8. More exciting? Watching Bilbao and Atletico is more exciting than watching any current prem team to be honest and that’s without mentioning Barcelona and Real. Spanish clubs will be effected less by the uefa rules as spain produces better quality players whereas prem clubs only club and don’t produce much. Most of the “best” players in the prem at the mo come from la liga teams. Prem teams depend more on the over spending of money than any other league, that is a fact.

  9. Surely they won’t spend 100mil with UEFA’s rules coming into force now. They only recently warned that they will punish clubs who make more than 30mil loss with the possibility of being banned from Champions league football. It remains to be seen whether UEFA follow through effectively but in the event that they are serious about this then Spanish teams will have a tough time competing with richer more exciting leagues

  10. Bilbao, Atletico and Valencia would have all killed this current United in the uefa cup if you ask me. United are still good in the prem as they are used to it and a midfield isn’t important in the league(but when they play city, a side with a good midfield they get fucked), but their current team would flop in spain as they lack a good midfield which is very important in la liga. Their midfield would get fucked off alot of teams imo.

  11. Atletico can still attract as they shown last season, they sold players and built a new team of very good players(they just made the mistake of employing the wrong manager before they got simeone in) and Malaga have made some big improvements. I can see them spending another 100 million or so in the next window, maybe more if they get champs league.

  12. That would be an improvement certainly. There is overall an uncertainty in Spain though with recession, taxes and UEFA rules. It looks like they won’t be able to attract the best players anymore, simply because they won’t be able to afford it

  13. Yeah you are right about passion. They do have the same passion there in terms of loving the sport, BUT they don’t show it in the stadiums, they aren’t as loud. Bilbao fans are great though, they are just like english fans them.

  14. I like both leagues the same to be honest. I don’t mind the bundesliga either, but i argue in favour of la liga as alot seem to make it out to be a weak league when it’s not.

  15. Good quality football I agree. A different style altogether – not as physical or passionate as the Premier league but technically better I suppose. It depends on what you like – a thrill a minute or trick or two

  16. As for the TV money, there is actually improvements being made here. There is now alot of early games being played, mainly for the viewers in asia. Barcelona won’t get a single penny from the afternoone games as the club have refused to play early games due to it “going against spanish football tradition of late games”, so that will actually benefit the likes of Atletico more. If you read the spanish media you will also see that the FA are making strides towards it.

  17. All you’re talking about is money though. Spain produces by far the best young talents in the world so it makes up for it. Plus teams like Atletico and Malaga spend money and the 2 will grow in the next few years. The TV money is unfairly shared I agree, but the league is still full of good sides and alot of talent. The prem and la liga are both world class leagues, if you only want to base things based on popularity that’s up to you. But for me the quality of football in la liga is great.

  18. @DeeBoi2007 we are looking at an all Spanish europa league final in a competition where the likes of Spurs, Man United And man city were all involved

  19. Neither is Cesc winning la liga.. and that’s the point! He had respect, dignity and humility at Arsenal but he seems to have left all that behind in London. Now he plays in a league which is devoid of competition (only 2 teams in it), and has huge financial problems (with the repeal of the “Beckham law”, a rise of taxes, and UEFA’s financial fair play policy being introduced).

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