25 thoughts to “Cesc Fabregas – ‘FC Barcelona and Arsenal’ | 2012 HD”

  1. How funny would it be if Arsenal became the best club in the world in the next few years while Barca continue their decline. Would be absolutely priceless.

  2. amazing effects! 🙂
    what did u do to the lighting of the clips haha? it looks stunningly wonderful!!
    tnx if u help me out

  3. Cesc just came back home! Now he is like fish in the water!! He chose the best and he deserves to be there!! Goooo Cesc!!!

  4. ` Cesc is wonderful player… think Barcelona is his home…
    – Great comp mate

  5. WOOOOOOOOW! Just wow… The colors, the slow mo parts, the song, the whole synchronization…. very artistic and beautiful! Enjoyed a lot… Top class, Cap3650Dk!

  6. I cant understand people who say he was unhappy at Arsenal
    I mean look at his reaction at 2:11
    He gave us great service and has Arsenal in his heart.
    Once a gooner always a gooner…

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