25 thoughts to “Cesc Fabregas ● All Goals of Season 2011-2012 ● ||HD||”

  1. Oh God!! I’m watching Fabrigas video, but all my attention is Messi!!!

  2. So.. Messi doesn’t feed off Xavi, Iniesta and Fabregas but they feed off him

  3. this video IS for fabregas and i like him, but people should praise messi way more, were witnesses to the best player that ever lived, we should be grateful!

  4. Great vid. And good music choice btw 🙂 Can you make a video with all the goals of Sanchez ?

  5. i hate this,people praise messi too much. this video is about fabregas,why talk about messi?? idiots

  6. Are you doing this kind of video for Alexis? And will you include assists as well? Thanks

  7. that just proves how amazing and complete messi is.. he is the best goalscorer and assister in the world 😉

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