11 thoughts to “Cesc Fabregas | FC Barcelona | Skills & Goals | 2012”

  1. I’am an Arsenal fan but Fabregas will always be my hero wherever he plays (even Manchester United)

  2. barcelona seems better without fabregas… maybe just coincidence….

  3. To his defence he has already won more trophies than he has at arsenal lol!

  4. cesc play look like michel Platini..simple,vision,long pass,assist maker and scored many goal..IMHO

  5. no one can surpass the vision, touch, team play, and accuracy of xavi. fabregas is an amazing player, one of my favorites, but even when he grows older and becomes stronger and better, there will always be that distinct difference between fabregas and the maestro xavi

  6. in 2 or 3 seasons when xavi will no longer be able to play at that level cesc will already be huge and he is still so young i can imagine a 30 year old fabregas surpassing the xavi that we know now but can he really do it?

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