24 thoughts to “Cesc Fabregas 14 years old”

  1. Sometimes, teleology (destiny) does exist in life. A 14 year old Cesc Fabregas in 2001, is saying that his idol is Pep Guardiola, then at the end of his playing career, and the man who would bring him back to Barca exactly 10 years later. He is also saying that Xavi will be a future star!!! And he finally adds, that Andres Iniesta coming up from the youth ranks, will also make his mark. Pure coincidence, or high prophecy?

  2. He says that he likes films of the “Chuck Norris” type LOL I thought Cesc was more refined than that.

  3. Portuguese? Haha you ppl are stupid… If you know he’s from Spain why the fuck you say Portuguese? It’s catalan like most people are saying.

  4. he mentioned chuck norris and i believe he said im not eating mcdonalds or something like that my translations not the best i speak very small amounts of catalan

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