24 thoughts to “Cesc Fabregas and Robin Van Persie training together”

  1. @SuperArshavin2010 We’re on our way to that, Mr. Arshavin. Question, have
    you lost every bit of football talent as well?

  2. shut up, if u talk like that about our club, then , what the ohters would
    they say?, pls defend our club n believe to them, n next season, will be
    special, with trophies,oh n Cesc didnt leave cuz of trophies, just he
    wanted to go back to his country with his spanish club

  3. hahahah van Persie has a lot more Skills with running shoes than Fabregas
    with footballshoes.

  4. cesc, please come back to the Emirates and just catch a game or two. The
    whole stadium will give you a standing ovation. Oh and it will be nicer if
    you wear an Arsenal apparel. Just a scarf or a tee will do

  5. @ThevDvL because, I also think about his career, and he deserves trophies,
    and we didnt give him that. Cesc is a fantastic player and he deserves to
    play for a team that wins trophies every year. We didnt won anything for
    several years. another reason is that he is from barcelona, and thats were
    his friends are, and they can give him trophies and he have won a lot of
    trophies in his first season in spain. But when I think about Arsenal I
    wasnt so happy, he was of course our best player.

  6. @SupahZaf Yeah….hes doing amazing. thats the idea. we took him from
    barca, turned him into a world class player, and gave him back. and
    NOW….only after his time at arsenal, he is a champion. a legend.

  7. @TheCR7Lover7 yeah and he is taking them all from Ronaldo lol!!!! Ronaldo
    is garbage

  8. @TheCR7Lover7 yupp you said it.. more trophes than CR7 will ever win at RM.
    nd fabregas just came there nd already has more than CR has at RM

  9. Just wish I could have seen the two of them play a whole season together…

  10. Stupid retard, and the second penalty wasent a penalty, fucking cunts, win
    all the games by the reff, bitches

  11. great that fabregas left arsenal,this player deserves trophies! we
    (arsenal) didnt win anything for almost a decade!

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