23 thoughts to “Cesc Fabregas Barcelona Time 2011/2012 HD”

  1. One day, Arsenal will rise, Barca will fall, and Fabregas will be Arsenal’s once again.

  2. as an arsenal fan i am happy where he is now, i always looked up to him because he gave more than 100% to the club and never complained. absolute arsenal hero

  3. Très grand joueur ce francesc. Le barca reviendra encore plus fort l’année prochaine. Mès que un club

  4. Why the fuck are you people arguing who made him when the player himself admitted that he owed everything to Wenger for teaching almost everything about being a professional footballer and a better player? You’re just being stubborn for no good reason.

  5. Yeah, keep telling that to people so they think you’re an idiot. Cesc himself admitted it in his first interview. You know nothing. Clueless fans thinking they know everything. You’re making a mockery of yourself

  6. Barcelona are winning so much with this genius in their team lol, good player but not a great and definately not a replacement for Chavvy or Iniesta, Barcas dominance is definately over, Real Madrid, Man City at least will be better next year

  7. He just needs to find his goal scoring touch again. His midfield work is still perfect 🙂

  8. Cesc is too good. but nowadays he is lacking. Especially his finishing is very poor. He could have score against Chelsea couple of times and in many other matches. His touch is always excellent when he passes but unlucky to find the back of net. Hope he regain his ability.

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