Cesc Fabregas emerged as Top Assist Maker

So far, out of the 21 Premier League matches which have been played in this season CescFabregas has emerged as the top assist maker and the price tag of €33 million which was spent in order to lure him away from Barcelona seems to have been money well spent as the Spanish midfielder has had a huge impact in the team of Jose Mourinho on so many levels that it’s hard to not consider him as one of the best players in the Premier League in the current season.

Fabregas has formed a midfield partnership with NemanjaMatic which has given Chelsea positive results as the Serbian defender is in charge of the defensive section of the midfield while Fabregas only has to focus on going upfront as the main creative source for Chelsea.

There is however, an issue that could start to rise in the team of Jose Mourinho especially with CescFabregas as the Spanish midfielder is one of the most consistent players for Chelsea and it can really start to pose a problem for someone that has turned into such an influential figure for Jose Mourinho’s team and he has been playing in almost every single Premier League in this season.

Certain players have what it takes to play an entire season at the highest level but the same cannot be said for Fabregas as he usually experiences going through a sensational first half of a season but in the second half of the season, his influence begins to be less and less influential.

Jose Mourinho is regarded to be as one of the best managers in the world but the Portuguese manager has some flaws with a few of his tactics as he does not rotate his squad and prefers using his main players despite their physical condition. NemanjaMatic has already shown signs that he needs to rest but fortunately for Jose Morinho, he has players that can fill in the gap of the Serbian defensive midfielder but the same cannot be said for Fabregas as the influence that he has had in this season for Chelsea is unmistakable.