25 thoughts to “Cesc Fabregas’ emotional tribute to Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger”

  1. ” if u were loyal ud want the best for the players” u said this then u said
    “ those cunts clichy and nasri who left for money”
    whats the fucking difference they left and they won the title at city. dumb shit.

  2. course im being fucking sarcastic if u were loyal ud want the best for the players i was disappointed when cesc left but we’ve actually done better without him its those cunts clichy and nasri who left for money but not cesc

  3. bandwagon? bitch please u donno me. i support arsenal since i was a small child now im 20 years old so stfu.

  4. he returned to his home, his family and the club he grew up in as a boy! he didn’t go for money! you just clearly jump on the bandwagon. what he did for arsenal and the differences he made will never be forgotten! An outstanding player and always will be!

  5. all true arsenal fans still like cesc, he did his bit for us, always tried 100%, cant blame him for leaving to go back to his home, family, friends etc and to win trophys. just wish wenger had spent and found a replacement last year because it was’nt a surprise he left, he gave us an extra year.. he could of gone then but held out! i still fucking hate UEFAlona tho!!

  6. Well done double agent Cesc. Left for Barca, made sure they dont win anything and also get rid of the manager. You have done well!

  7. “illegal immigrant” nice assumption although its wrong cuz ur stupid
    “learn english” i speak more languages than u can ever dream of
    “high school drop out” nice assumption again even though its wrong again
    LOOOOOL dumbfuck

  8. LOOOOOL learn english you fucking illegal immigrant, “u dont have enough money to understand” stupid high school drop out mother fucker.

  9. ur fucking stupid cuz apparently u dont have enough money to understand lol dumbass

  10. money? your are so fucking stupid he doesnt care about money his a fucking millionaire, why the fuck would he move from a club he loves just for money, fucking idiot.

  11. leaving for his childhood club is just an excuse for a glory hunter, money grabber.

  12. How is he a wanker? he wants to play with his child hood friends pique, messi etc and live at his home.

  13. fabregas is teaching nasri the kind of things to say that wont make the fans of ur previous club hate you.

  14. How can you hate this guy? I was as sad as the next Arsenal fan but come on. He took a paycut to go back to his own country, to the club where he grew up. He already knew most of the players there from the Spanish team. He showed the upmost respect for the club in staying silent while negotiations were going on and gave this emotional tribute to Arsenal and Wenger. No other player who has moved clubs has shown THIS much respect for their previous club. He is a credit to football, gl to him.

  15. He left Arsenal with respect and even took a pay cut, that shows ambition for trophies.
    Nasri left Arsenal for money and insulted the fans, that shows low class and greed.

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