8 thoughts to “Cesc Fabregas, from Barcelona to London and back (subtitled)”

  1. like a player or hate a player based on the qualities he posses not on the team he plays for.

  2. The main reason he left Arsenal was because at the time he did was because Barca was being managed by his childhood hero, in his last 5 years at Arsenal he provided more assists and created more chances than any other player in the world all despite being injuries for long spells. He did his job, unfortunately the players around him were not ready.

  3. i used to like fabregas and arsenal and hate barcelona so now i hate first cesc and second barcelona
    srry for my english i am from greece

  4. a year has past…and this great player still hasnt won a championship.
    i’m also 87′ and saw him at arsenal from the age of 16, when i just started high school…
    he became a man before me, he became a captain when i just started my life.

    i have tons of respect for him, because i saw how much personality he has, week after week from fucking 16. was so close leading us from a title at 2008….

    i hope that next year barca will win the league title, just because fabregas deserves it.

  5. i love you Cesc , and seeing you in a different shirt kills me … but NO ONE is bigger than Arsenal !!


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