25 thoughts to “Cesc Fabregas – Goodbye Arsenal”

  1. When he was in the premier league for 2008 up words only Ronaldo was better them him. His blood is red now

  2. rvp could left arsenal in someday future never know, arsene wenger is most lazy never think buy star yiung like messi hazard

  3. please come back temporarily please !!!!! 🙂 i like that song !! that was great video

  4. I am not ashamed to say i just Cryed at this video.
    This video is Unbeliveable.

  5. I have cried.cried,cried,cried,cried,­cried….and again cried but the worst is that my eye are still with tears mother f***er why i love u so much i swear in the GOD that i never have cried for someone so much.But no matter where u are my heart will be always with urs my angel loves u linnda

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