25 thoughts to “Cesc Fabregas interview 2010 – Arsenal Future HQ”

  1. @SuperVangas That Guardiola that u f*%$n make fun of is the man who whon 6
    trophies or more like everything that was to be won,and also declassed your
    youngsters that you call Arsenal footballers in and out of Camp Nou.And as
    for the alien that is Messi,you my man have no idea of what football is or
    your’e just blind and dumb mu#*%!er.He is the god of football and yous
    should be ashamed of urself about not knowing and excepting him as the
    Greatest.Your gunners are faar to much behind FCBarcelona

  2. @crackintunez haha yes they would wouldn’ they. obviously though as barca
    has a great amount of capital just behind real madrid, they can basically
    get 2 fabregas’s to replace one messi. (estimate messi to be over $100M in
    value, fabregas around the $50-55M),

  3. @SuperVangas Maybe another trophyless year at Arsenal will convince Cesc to
    go to Barca, which are favorites to win another treble this year. And Messi
    diving? Bullshit. Messi is better at scoring goals from free play than he
    is from the spot, just ask Arsenal last year how good he was when he
    crushed you guys 4-1. Also, I’m sure he’ll do that again on tuesday. And
    show some respect for the most successful coach in one year in football
    history, Pep Guardiola. 8 trophies in two years, 6 in one.

  4. i love that well liked comment up the top :L staying for a maximum 10
    years.. uhh yeaah hes going there monday :S :L

  5. @Messi10legend10 if he was that good then why would barcelona agree to sell
    him in the first place? typical glory hunter…

  6. @boywonder19994 Oneday arsenal will be as big as barcelona. look at where
    we were 15 years ago, look at where we are now. New stadium(which earns
    more match day income than the nou camp does for barca), growing fanbase,
    super youth development program, attractive club ethos. We are growing.
    Barceloan are already at the top and as big as they can possibly be. One
    day, maybe in another 15, we will be as big as anyone else.

  7. @Viki2819 nigga please…Look at their champion league run….Let me show u
    the most obvioius ones….2008/2009…Semi final against
    chelsea..2handballs which were penalties for chelsea not given… 2009/2010
    sergio busquets acting which got the inter defender sent off…..2010/2011
    robin van persie gets sent off for taking a shot???

  8. @SuperVangas If Arsene Wenger would be a couch to Barca they would probably
    kick him out after a couple of weeks!! I mean I dont have anything to
    Wenger but I dont think he is that good as a coach, Look at the statistics
    of Arsenal now a days… Everytime I watch an Arsenal match, nearly all the
    time they loose… now that just tells us everything!! I think you should
    get some more respect to Pep Guardiola!!!!

  9. i dont care about what everybody are saying but cesc will never leave .
    arsenal made 90% of that young gunner . simple said barcelona can go to

  10. @b4rcelona Henry left for 20million you joker barcelona had to sell toure
    and crysgry and henry because they where getting bankrupt and guardoila
    said they told him they had to p pay staff and player wages because they
    where 5 weeks behind pay.

  11. @crackintunez I had more to say,But that fking team got lucky cuz youtube
    only allowed a maximum of 500 words and im juz tired now

  12. @SuperVangas he’d be great at barca. he went to barcas youth team, that’s
    why he’s so great. 🙂

  13. @SuperVangas Why are you saying that Barca is cheating all the time???
    Where the fuck did you read that???

  14. @ESP1BEAST47 What an idiot do you really think barca need fabregas. And you
    talk about fucked up team listen at least we’re not in millions of debt and
    can afford to pay are players wages on time bitch.

  15. im laughing so much to the comments above… people try to convince
    themselfs that Barcelona is cheating when they know FC Barcelona are just
    Very good. So good that haters can only come up with ( oh they Are cheating
    ) Because they do not realise or do not want to realise that Barcelona is
    simply the best today and they have never seen a team dominate like them so
    much… this is the simple truth now hate me… send me badass messages i
    dont care… YOU KNOW in the end the best is Barcelona.

  16. @SuperVangas i want fabregas to stay at arsenal but cmon 6 years without a
    trophy…cesc deserves better..he WILL defo be a barca player next season!

  17. @HampusHjertstrom i like the way you state it mr. superverga or supervanga
    needs to calm down after these next 3 years, if arsenal wants to sell him,
    he’s gonna go, and supervangas, or any other fans cant hold him back

  18. @b4rcelona Go send Valdes to fight with Mourinho cuz u got owned you piece
    of shit. And well he got 4 years with us who the fuck do you asswhipes
    think you are talking shit in newspapers well reality check for you. he is
    staying with us so go send xavi and Messi to talk to media like you did
    with Mascherano.

  19. I’ve seen some really stupid people on the internet before, and you are
    definitely up there with them.

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