The Barcelona midfielder Cesc Fabregas has surprisingly praised the Real Madrid midfielder Mesut Ozil. The German midfielder is regarded as one of the best in the Spanish league at the moment. Despite Real Madrid struggling this season, Ozil have been one of the best players in the league. He has been able to hold first-team spot despite challenge from the summer signing Luka Modric. Ozil has made 21 appearances in all competitions for Real Madrid this season. He has scored four goals in these matches. Even though Fabregas has made less appearances than Ozil, the former Arsenal man has been able to score more goals for Barcelona due to his higher position up the field.

Fabregas has said that he is an admirer of Ozil and he would one day like to play alongside the German midfielder. He has said that one of the reasons for this admiration is the fact that Ozil place in a similar manner to what he used to do at Arsenal. Fabregas had a free role during his final few years at Arsenal. He was extremely effective in this role at not only creating chances, but also scoring goals as well. He is trying to find a similar role at Barcelona under the management of Tito Vilanova.

“I admire him (Ozil) a lot. I can relate to him because he plays in that roaming attacking midfield role that I played in at Arsenal and I think we would play well together. I can relate to him, we’re very similar,” said the Barcelona midfielder about the Real Madrid midfielder Ozil. However, there have been very few transfers between the two clubs in the history. This coupled with the fact that Fabregas has made his desire of staying at Barcelona forever makes it difficult to see them united in one team.