16 thoughts to “Ian Wright on Cesc Fabregas leaving Arsenal”

  1. Looser? Funny the fact that 5 months later, he’s a winner in his first season.

  2. Piers Morgan vs Samir Nasri. Piers has put a bet to Nasri of £25,000 that Arsenal will win a trophy before City! Come on Arsenal!

  3. I agree with ian and other news Tottenham had there asses handed to at the Emirates 5-2 hahahaha

  4. @stepurcell ?? i don’t think that would make you a loser. it would make you loyal. but i get you what your saying, people need to stop bitching about nasri. he’s gone, move one. its the nature of the beast. its meant chamberlain a but playing time anyway, and hes starting look like much better player than nasri is.

  5. ah everyone stop fuckin whingein about nasri .. im an arsenal fan to but fuck it the chap went to city to make more money rightly so… thats the point of pro footie nowadays get used to it cus if someone offerd u 70k a week 2 kick a ball up and down a pitch ur a fuckin looser if u dont

  6. ahaha considering cesc is rated 3rd best midfielder in the world compared to some greedy rat who spends his time on the bench, i dont think so.

  7. Even though he supports Millwall you can tell he loves and cares about Arsenal as a club, true words about Fabregas. No one can blame him for leaving but Nasri on the other hand, one day soon he will realise he has made a mistake signing for Man City. he could have been one of Arsenal’s main men be he let greed and impatience take over, I really liked him at Arsenal but from what I’ve seen of him at City he hasn’t impressed and has spent the majority of his time there on the bench so far.

  8. Fabregas! One of Arsenal’s greatest players, will live long in my memory…
    Nasri, go eat a rat.

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