25 thoughts to “Mourinho intenta fichar a Cesc Fabregas (Marca Toons)”

  1. Ramos: SISI soy culé que me han ficha’o, mira como hago teatro, Aiii QUE DAÑO LA PIERNAaa….
    Cesc ( a mou y florentino): … si la oferta fuera del madrid a lo mejor me lo pensaba,lástima.
    Ramos: Aiiii, Aiii (Soy deL Barsa) Aiiii QUE DAÑO AAiiiiii !

  2. bastante tengo con pique todo el rato por twiter para venir a barça si la oferta fuera del madrid a lo mejor me lo pensaba jajaja

  3. I have enough with Pique on twitter with is mean jokes. If it was from Madrid, Mabey I would’ve thought about it.
    Ah! Ah! Im in Barcelona! Ah, Ah!!!

  4. Pt. 2:

    Nothing will take over this mission…
    Cesc Fabregas??? What are you doing here?
    I didnt say anything…
    And you? What are you doing in barcelona?
    Ah, yeah, yeah. Look at me, I can act! Oh, it hurt my leg!
    And Ozil is here too? Barcelona got you too?
    Viva Real Madrid!!!
    Alright, why dont you come here? Well, will you sign the contract?
    Yes, please sign, you’ll do good!
    Well, No. Ive thought about it and I cant.
    He left us!
    (Pt. 3 comming up)

  5. I’ll translate as long as I can:

    Ive Brought Fabregas! Hes outside and He’ll sign the contract.
    You got him? I thought he wanted to go to Barcelona?
    Barcelona he says. Alright, he did want to go to barcelona.
    How did you convince him?
    Convince him? Ok, I didnt convince him.
    Then How we’ll get him to come? You’re gonna make him convince himself he’s in Barcelona?!?!?!
    I told him Barcelona Kicked out Guardiola and they put me in charge. It has Logic. (Pt. 2 coming up)

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