25 thoughts to “Pep Guardiola & Cesc Fabregas funny”

  1. guardiola: good job!
    Fabregas: I’m going back to arsenal
    Guardiola: Fuck off
    haha :p

  2. Supposedly Cesc made a joke about how long it took to get the 3rd goal and Pep told him they all need to stop being so wasteful in front of goal. Judging from the Chelsea CL series and 2nd clasico he was right. Damn we needed Villa!

  3. @TheRbruin10 also you gotta think, barcelona trains their players from the ground up. all real does is go crazy on the market to try to get the best players which in most peoples opinions is not how a club should be, they should promote youth teams. and i know real beat barca for the title, but that was mourinho’s first win in league (one win for copa). i real was lucky this year, barca will win the treble next year, no doubt.

  4. Pep ‘good play cesc, if i can do anything for you…’
    Cesc ‘can i fuck you daughter?’

  5. fuck your mother and daughter !!!! son of a beach !! don`t be so jealous !!!

  6. Well I gotta go, get use to Barca losing so when tragedy strikes again, you know what to do

  7. There actually IS a kid named Leonel very young like 7 from Argentina who is in Real Madrid’s La Fabrica, and Ive heard wonders about him. Some people say he may become even better than what Messi is…anyways, it seems youve cooled down a bit after your jerk off session under your clown jersey, your welcome

  8. They actually have won more than 5 consecutive league titles but never did win so many titles as Barca has in a short period of time meanwhile redefining world football. Everyone will always remember the way Barcelona plays while no one remembers the Golden Years of Madrid, but their titles. Buitre has nothing on Messi, you and the WORLD know that. As matter of fact, no Madrid player in its history is even close to Messi’s talent. Will there ever be anyone?

  9. So go hide in your clown red / blue stripe jersey like Messi did today and jerk off your anger and sorrows out kid

  10. All i hear is crying baby boy. Madrid is much bigger than that. Before Farca and their midget clowns from La Masia School of Theater and Clowns won half of those trophies LEGALLY, there was la Quinta del Buitre who won FIVE consecutive la Liga titles, something Farca will never accomplish. Madrid dominated an entire century, your basing your arguement on three litte years and all of sudden everyone is jerking off to Farcelona. You make me laugh, like Raul once did to Camp Nou, sssshhhhhh!

  11. Talk shit when pussy ass CR7 wins 3 champions leagues with Madrid and 3 consecutive league titles. Until then, shut the f*ck up because the world KNOWS that Barca is the better team.

  12. hahahah! Im reading the comments and i crack up! These Farcelona fans are so in denial when there is a rift between Guardiola and his players, people are like “hahaha they are just joking” are you kidding me! You fucks always point the fingers to Mourinho and proclaim Pep and his midget clown team as sweet innocent angels haha. By the way did you see that pass Ozil made to CR7 goal in Camp Nou, that goal ended all hopes to win La Liga 😉

  13. HAHHAH I love that some people are really stupid and say that Pep and Cesc had a fight ……. Are you blind?

  14. in the press confrence he said he was joking he said you need to finish

  15. Yeah, look for “Guardiola hits messi” video on youtube… We all know much Pep loves and respects Lionel =)

  16. cesc: pep you know what i have to take a shower because fredysajas mother is waiting for me i have to fuck her in the ass and himself too.

    Pep: come on lets go for it, i take in my sunshine tello now. go and fucked them but then rest because we have alot of people like this to fuck

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