The former Arsenal player participated in a Questions and Answers section with fans on Facebook as he went on talking about what he does apart from football and things he enjoys to do in his spare time. Alexis Sanchez also was a talking point for the Spanish midfielder.

“I think that Alexis will be a star for Barça and the world of football. He’s a good lad and a good friend,” says Cesc

“I like to be with my family and with my friends on my free time, especially with my daughter who always gives me special moments. I also like to go to restaurants and eat sushi,” said Fàbregas, who noted that he’s motivated “to be better each day.”

When asked about Alexis Sánchez, Cesc said that Chilean is a special player. “I think that Alexis has it all to be a great star at Barça and in the world of football. He’s a good lad and a good friend of mine,”

Fans also asked the midfielder about which would be the best moment of his career and if he has anyone in particular that he considers being his favorite one.

“The best moment of my career was probably when we won the Club World Cup and all the trophies I’ve won with Barça,” said Cesc, who added that the two penalties he scored in the Euro Cup against Italy and Portugal were the most important ones of his career, but his favorite was “the one against Milan, at the San Siro, when I was at Arsenal.

Fabregas continued by saying that he has learned from Tata Martino what truly is hard work and honest when asked about the Argentinian manager and Tito Vilanova said that “both are great managers and I learnt a lot from them. I want to send a big hug to Tito.”