25 thoughts to “Cesc Fabregas and Nicole scherzinger at BRIT’S 2012 + James Corden LOL!”

  1. -_- Okay Cause Nicole Looked Fat Right?
    She Like 90 Pounds Dumbass!
    She Beautiful And Talented.

  2. Betty64091 Ermmmmmm there was to much talented artist in this nomination ed sheeren or who ever he is is one ginger ugly freak who dont deserve to be even famouse hahah

  3. Nicole is mean the way she looked when she saw the winner. Even if youre in shock at least look excited for them!!nicole looked fat and i hate how she moves her hips all time when she walks and dances. You can dance also without moving hips nicole!!!

  4. I like how Cesc was only invited because he’s cool. I mean, the guy has literally nothing to do with music lol

  5. He chose the best decision for his life, and come on lets be serious for a minute, he’s playing for the best team in the world.

  6. You would never see someone like Wayne Rooney do this, would you? Cesc: Once a Gooner, Always a Gooner -3

  7. jees could nicole have been a bit more subtle, bitch doesnt know the extent of Ed’s talent clearly!

  8. @GeozzaDrum 

    @Zuczek16 said my phone has a good camera and that’s the MP of the camera therfore the video !

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