25 thoughts to “Cesc Fabregas at Barcelona (Part 2)”

  1. Cesc, you will always be a legend in my heart. The love you adopted for a club other than your boyhood one, will always be remembered, and you are always welcome at the mighty Arsenal.

  2. i hate fc barcelonas team but when i see you cesc i cant help but smile and remember all the good times and memories when you were with us at arsenal. i will always love u cesc. good luck

  3. She is fucking ugly….see her portrait 9:03 . One whole layer of makeup and still looks butters.

  4. Cesc has always been one of my favorite players in the world, even when he was in Arsenal. When he came back to Barca I was so happy for him and I’m glad that he has found his place in the team. What a great player he is, also a great man.

  5. I bet all the little boys at his old school got a boner when they saw Georgie Thompson ;D

  6. Barcelona is his home town. And arsenal is the club he loves. Henry is from France. Get seriously dude!!!

  7. He’s just so beautiful and charismatic. :’D definitely my all-time favorite football player.

  8. he always been a barca player and not arsenal player sorry Visca Barca abnd visca catalunya

  9. Catalan is actually the language Fabregas speaks when in his home town of Catalonia

  10. nah mate you got me wrong never said its wrong for him to go back, dont approve of him kissing both badge. thats all

  11. Are you serious? Fabregas is from Catalan, played for Barcelona as a kid, his whole family supports them. Not to mention he played as a kid with Pique and Messi. Nothing at all similar to Henry’s situation.

  12. He kissed the arsenal badge and then kissed the barca badge. AS much as i used to love cesc i’m over that now. don’t want him back at arsenal. Thierry went to barca and not once in his career did he kiss another club badge that was not arsenal’s.henry, i would love to see him back permanently as a coach or something one day.

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