25 thoughts to “Cesc Fabregas Arsenal 09/10 HD”

  1. None of you Arsenal fans can blame Cesc for joining Chelsea. He craved
    success, and he knew that the mentality of the manager, the club and the
    players around him meant he would not find that at Arsenal. That’s why he
    went to Barca and is now at Chelsea. He will probably win more trophies in
    1 season at Chelsea than he did in his whole career at Arsenal. You want
    someone to blame, you need to look at your own club. Cesc cannot be blamed
    for wanting to achieve more.

  2. He forced his way out of arsenal so much and went to barca… now he left
    through the back door and joined one of his first team’s rivals and a
    personal barca enemy: CHELSEA AND MOURINHO

  3. Welcome cesc!! With you as a creative hub in the middle, well win that EPL
    trophy for you son!! Cmon Cesc, Cmon Chelsea!!!!

  4. Even though I hate him a lot, I have to say he is the best player of
    Arsenal after Thierry Henry. The Cesc in Arsenal is even better than the
    Robin in Arsenal and the Ozil in Arsenal.

  5. “If I ever wear a Chelsea shirt, you have permission to kill me.” – Cesc
    Fàbregas (2010)

  6. most useless move ever, leaving the club that gave him a chance to turn pro
    (arsenal) to join the club he dreams about, his childhood club which is
    Then leave his childhood club to join another premier league club, other
    than arsenal, which he promised he’d come back if he leaves fcb.

    i can only quote him. “if i ever leave barcelona one day, that will only be
    to return to arsenal” yeah yeah sure

  7. ok so thers only 2 clubs that win it every year barca and real madrid
    athletico r third but so what im not saying ther shit team im sayin its
    more competitive in the bpl and is the best league in the world man city av
    won it man utd have chelsea in the last 5 years so stfu u SLUT

  8. yep i hate barça now i hate cesc cause barça made us bitchhy things in uefa
    champions league for 6 years and he became a part of that catalan bitches

  9. I will always respect faboulous Fabregas. He always did his best and left
    for his boyhood club. He was not a traitor like RVP or Nasri.

  10. We won nothing when we had Fabregas (expect fa cup) Van Persie, Nasri and
    Song. So I don’t see the problem.

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