Cesc Fabregas has said that setting up goals for the forwards gives him more satisfaction than shaking the net himself.

Fabregas has been one of the top assisters for Chelsea this season. Both in the Premiership and in Europe, he has been excellent in playmaking. His coordination with Diego Costa has created serious headaches for the opposition defences.

England has not been a new place for Fabregas as he has been in that country before playing for the Gunners. Even when he wasn’t playing there he used to check the League tables updated of all the major european championships online, and follow the game that way. So, being already familiar with the pitches and weather, he was expected to get on with things straight away at Stamford Bridge, though it was not easy for him in the beginning.

According to Fabregas, the Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho is a little different from the other managers. The Portuguese imposes his methods on the players. So, he found working with him a bit uneasy when he joined first up, but, with the weeks passing by, he has adapted and now, he is alright.

Fabregas was in conversation with a magazine correspondent yesterday. When asked what he likes doing more, setting it up for the central forward or finding the back of the net himself, the 27 year old Spaniard said, “I have always said that I like being the goal setter rather than the scorer. Scoring gives you confidence yes, but, when you set it up and the guy upfront finishes it well, you get immensely satisfied and that feeling is unmatchable.”

When asked about his relationship with Jose Mourinho, the former Barcelona man said, “It’s pretty good. For the first couple of weeks, it was difficult to be honest. He is sort of imposing, but, I have settled down quite nicely now and have started to enjoy working under him.”