23 thoughts to “Cesc Fabregas at Barcelona (PART 1)”

  1. Im just going to get this straight, but the Liga BBVA compared to the premier league is piss easy, he plays for the best team in the world and liga bbva, of course he is going to win the trophies because its always real and barca fighting.

  2. How do you say in English “Communion?”……it made me laugh
    but he’s a good guy!!!!

  3. not sure what you’re on about, 3/6 trophies is probably more than arsenal, and they’re in the final for the spanish cup, so am really really confused about your comment. 

  4. meaningless but he still won more in one year that with arsenal in 8 years

  5. Nice to see Cesc winning all those trophies with Barcelona that he couldn’t win with us. And let’s not forget the “super” cup. Mes que un club indeed.

  6. Hey Cesc, hows it going? I thought you left Arsenal for trophies brah? Why you no beat chelsea? Why you no win trophy this year?

  7. “be careful, they tell me I’m quite good at serving” aaaaaaa! amazing mix of accents right there… 😀 I honestly used to like him more in Arsenal… but i still love him

  8. “he’s so quiet, he’s love sleeping, he follows epl and arsenal every week, no he’s not too much he is boring”-cesc mum LOL!!!! ~L E G E N D~

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