25 thoughts to “Cesc Fabregas: I am a better player for leaving Arsenal”

  1. lieing bastard fuck you u spanish piece of shit i hope you break your leg and can never play football again, to think i used to look up to you

  2. thanks. That makes me pull a logical conclusion about you as well. It’s not only the parent – child abuse you suffer from. It’s oligophrenia as well!

  3. I dont think he is hating on arsenal or arsene wenger. He just enjoys his time at barca because its where all the players he grew up with play at.

  4. arsene wenger is defenitly a good coach bt he only guided him and gave him the opportunity to be a great footballer by the end of the day it just depends on the individual so cesc is responsible of whom he is now nd now one else

  5. LOL. too bad you lost to chelsea 1-0. then lost to madrid over the weekend. and then tied a ten men chelsea at home and got eliminated from both la liga title contention and the champions league. looks like leaving arsenal bit you in the ass fabregasssss

  6. абе баќушка, пушти на енглески за да те разбереме ко што треба .)

  7. best team in what? simulating? pressuring the refs? all of barca’s major games are with a red card advandage! if there is a minor contact a barca player falls like his legs were broken, and the rest of the team (including the stupid goalkeeper) goes to the ref and make pressure for worse sanctions! Barca is the least fairplay team ever! (not talking about making fouls.. about SIMULATING them..) Ohh I’m pleased with this Chelsea c-c-c-combo-braker to barca. Now go and cry for a year.and yes, F.Y.

  8. now fuck you pussy, u lost the spanish title to real madrid, and you surely fucking lost CL Final to Chelsea, although you were given a red card advantige and a pussy-like simulated penalty! FUCK YOU! You don’t deserve Arsenal and premierhsip.

  9. He’s improved the size of his wallet! But judging by his performances, his lack of humility, and now lack of major trophies - it seems the influence of the Catalan club has had a diminishing impact on young Cesc. He should show more respect to Arsenal and Arsene Wenger; all that he’s achieved now is a lot of people losing respect for him.

  10. He was at Arsenal for EIGHT years. He left home at just sixteen. How could anyone not be tempted by not only trophies and playing in arguably the best current team in the world but by playing in their hometown with their family? It would be extremely hard to refuse, especially for someone like Cesc who was a life-long Barcelona fan and trained at La Masia. Get off his back, tossers.

  11. First off, nice spelling. Secondly, do you have any concept of reality or history? You do know that Barcelona went through a 6 year stretch with a bad team. They finished in 6th place in 2002-03. You do realize that Arsenal built a brand new stadium which had to be payed off hence selling some of our players yet still have yet to finish outside of the top 4 in the last 15 years and had an undefeated season. You also realize Barcelona are aloud to be 500 million euros in debt right?

  12. arsenal is the worst top club in the world enough aight first off nasri den fabregas soon enough van per will join dem he just didnt realize it yet your team is so fuckin pathetic fucking birmingham city has a better tittle record in the last six years so enough talkin trash about players who made this failure a bit acceptable

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