Cesc Fabregas believes it’s hard to return to Arsenal

On one of Gerard Pique’s Periscope, a question was asked to Cesc Fabregas about a possible return to Arsenal. Fabregas shook his headed and added that it would be difficult.

It was evident that Fabregas still have some attachment to the club that formed him and made him a star player. Indeed, he made 303 appearances for the London team and managed to score 57 goals for them. He was also the club’s captain from 2009 to 2011 and was a fans favorite.

He left the club to return to his youth team Barcelona where he will manage to make 151 appearances for the Spanish club. He scored   42 goals along the way. He won La Liga, the Copa Del Rey as well as the UEFA Super Cup during his times with Barcelona.

After 3 years in Spain, Fabregas made his mind to return to the Premier League and wanted to go back to Arsenal. However his place was already filled with the arrival of Mesut Ozil, and Wenger did not want to take his club captain back. Jose Mourinho seizes the opportunity to have the gifted player in his team, and he signed for Chelsea.

In his first season, he managed to win the Premier League, which he could not do with Arsenal during his 8 years at the club. However, his second season has been difficult with Chelsea where he failed to make any decisive contribution to the team. In fairness, it is the whole Chelsea team that has played poorly this season.

However, there is stills sign that Fabregas would have loved to play for Arsenal instead of Chelsea. After all, it was at this club that he broke out on the world stage and attracted the interest of Barcelona after having left La Masia training academy.