Fabregas: ‘’It was the players who let Mourinho down’’

Back in December of 2015, Jose Mourinho was sacked from his managerial position in Chelsea and this was due to the string of negative results that the Premier League club sustained under the tutelage of the Portuguese coach.

Jose Mourinho was heavily critiqued in this period of time with the media insulting the playing style, formations and decisions that the veteran manager was doing in his last year in charge of Chelsea.

However, Cesc Fabregas has recently come out and stated that it was the performers of the Premier League club which had to be blamed for the string of underwhelming and Jose Mourinho did not deserve all the criticism that he received.

“I can reiterate that I had an exceptionally good relationship with Jose Mourinho as I will aim to have with any coach that I play for. The football club is more important than any one player. We have all let the manager and club down this year as a collective unit. We will get this right of that I am sure. With all your help we can put this period behind us and make Chelsea great again’’ The Spanish midfielder Cesc Fabregas wrote on his instagram account after Mourinho was offloaded from Stamford Bridge.

It seems like Cesc Fabregas isn’t as happy as he used to be in Stamford Bridge as the Spanish midfielder also released another statement which was aimed towards his teammates in the Premier League club. Fabregas stated that big players should justify their big wages and this is something which should indeed be done by those high earning players but if the entire team is performing underwhelming, there is little to nothing that those high profile and earners will be able to do.