25 thoughts to “Cesc fabregas first touch”

  1. well you might as well look at Messi blasting in the age of 18 and and
    being the best player in the world when he was only 23 years old :p tell me
    that’s not LA MASIA. and many many other players before him

  2. Lool since when did Fabregas become and striker and winger :s hes alwyas
    been center mid mate use ur brain

  3. Its not only la masia dude.. Arsene nurtured Cesc and his development
    (apart from his own dedication) has taken place for a larger an important
    part of his career at Arsenal and probably not as much as it might have
    been at la masia.

  4. Ha probably true, imagine what he could have been had he not been overused
    all those years at arsenal on par with Iniesta perhaps?

  5. You can not compare Fabregas with Roy Keane, Fabregas is a CAM,ST,LW. Roy
    Keane is a CDM?

  6. “Fabregas whooooa, Fabregas whooooooa, he’s only 17, he’s better than roy

  7. First touch is so important to your game. Players must always think 3 steps
    ahead and you learn to do this by practice.

  8. players fully develop around 24-25, look at player like Bale, grew so much
    over a couple of years.

  9. Dude it’s all La MASIA’s work, Arsenal didn’t get Cesc until he was 16 or
    17 years old which mean brought the player ready to play.

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