Cesc Fabregas remains optimistic despite being dropped

CescFabregas arrived to Chelsea on June of 2014 for a price tag of €33 million and ever since his first season with the Premier League club, the Spanish midfielder has undoubtedly been a regular starter.

For the very first time since arriving to Stamford Bridge, Fabregas is beginning to look more like a substitute player than an actual performer on the pitch as Antonio Conte has consistently been dropping CescFabregas to the sidelines and most of the playing time that Fabregas actually does manage to get, it’s from the bench as an impact substitute player.

This is something that is rare to see, especially for a highly-rated player such as CescFabregas. The Spanish midfielder is regularly being praised for his contributions not only in Chelsea but also with his former clubs.


Even though Fabregas is being more restricted in terms of his playing time in the actual pitch, he has still managed to make an impact as he has provided his teammates with 7 assists and scored 3 goals.

Out of the 28 Premier League matches that Chelsea has played, Fabregas has managed to make 19 appearances and 12 of those arrived from the bench but nonetheless, his impact and contributions have still been felt.

When Fabregas was interviewed about his current situation in Chelsea, he replied by saying:

“I am improving all the time.People forget that earlier in the season it was only the second time in my life, in my whole career, that I played this system but the more you play the more you get used to it and the more comfortable you feel. I’m really enjoying it and I think it suits me a lot.I make assists and sometimes score goals. I complete the most passes in a game, people see me this way. They don’t see the other part that, actually, I have improved a lot.”

Fabregas is well aware that despite his reduced amount of time on the pitch, he can still be a game-changer and the Spanish midfielder is consistently trying to improve in order to gain his permanent spot in the first team of Antonio Conte.