24 thoughts to “Cesc Fabregas ‘The Pass Master’”

  1. this guy is crazy he always have been my idol no matter i`m from Chelsea…

  2. Even tho he left arsenal I still love him in my eyes better than xavi iniesta and alonso

  3. Just by watching this video Arsenal have had so many good players leaving and all for the same reason, sad! 2005 - 2006 was a good team…

  4. Him and Van Persie would’ve been doing great this year.

    But Van Persie’s probably gonna leave as well. He needs to win trophies

  5. Fabregas was replaced as a deep lying playmaker by alex song and arsenal are on track to finish better than last season. Whoever said Arsen Wenger didn’t know what he was doing (evryone) should learn not to question la professour.

  6. Xavi was world class for Barca in 2007-2008, and he carried that form into the Euros where he won best player award. All before Pep got there.

  7. Xavi and iniesta are better for the way barca and spain play. But for most teams in the world fabregas would be a better signing easier to implement in the team. Cesc is straightforward, he was trained like that at arsenal. Cesc would be an amazing signing for many teams, that said, fabregas at 20 years was outperforming xavi at the time by a mile, only since pep came that xavi started playing to his strenths, it’s a system that covers their flaws,

  8. im seeing before believing, Cesc would say that cause he’ modest. Stats are facts, if you buy a midfielder, the first thing you want him to do is supply the striker/s

  9. Believe what you want, Pep and Del Bosque know who the best are. Cesc himself has said Xavi and Iniesta are better. Also you argument about chances being most important is very simplistic. Different teams, different roles, different requirements.

  10. you think? know? or is it what the media has brain-washed you into believing?

    The most important role of a midfielder is to create chances/assists.

    The last 5 years he was at Arsenal playing as an actual midfielder, he created 466 chances and had 89 assists, i.e. more than anyone else in the world (incl. Xavi, Inesita). This was all dispite being injured half the time (i.e in less games) and also playing in a more aggressive league, he also scored 30 goals, again more than Xavi/Inesita.

  11. cesc ,, is The Best Midfielder in the WORLD ,,

    30 goal was lost caused some players Stupid

  12. BEST midfielder in the world, anyone want to try argue otherwise, go ahead?

  13. Great video, really appreciate it. Out of curiousity, how long did it take you to compile all these passes?

  14. @9.08, those two passes against fenerbache were within two minutes of each other! the vision is good but isn’t a big deal… the execution is deadly!

  15. if only rvp was in the form he’s in today with fabregas there…that would have been something

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