22 thoughts to “Cesc Fabregas – I’m Coming Home || HD ||”

  1. الفريق يحتاج الى تغيير في التكتيك و الفكر ارسين فينجر لا يستطيع ان يجلب لنا اي بطوله 8 سنوات و انا متالم و لا استطيع ان استحمل نريد نجوم نريد بطولات نريد صفقات قويه ! انظر الى تشلسي اتو ب دي ماتيوا في شهرين فقط جلب لهم بطولت ماس انجبترا و دوري لبطال اوروبا ….. فينجر يجب ان يخرج

  2. He’s already won the Spanish supercup, European supercup, FIFA club world cup.

  3. cesc fabregas = double agent. leaves arsenal, with barcelona having won idk how many trophies. his first season there: 0 trophies for barca. thank you cesc for stopping UEFAlona <3

  4. I guess that Arteta will evolve more in the independent performance and will become a big star, did you know that it is now the best player passes the ball in the league

  5. WHAT????? o.O you forgot fabregas?? he was the best player at arsenal when was captain, arteta is not nearly as good as fabregas

  6. Arteta and fabregas is completely different from each other. Fabregas is a creative midfielder that can give long balls, grt passing ability but arteta is a holding midfielder. U will always see arteta at the back so stop comparing him with cesc.

  7. My favourite player in arsenal. There is no else has replace him since he left. Sigh*. Really hope he would come back to arsenal. All the best Cesc!

  8. Its not that they didn’t want him, its that he had a better opportunity in arsenal at the time and was able to make himself a name there, and it worked didnt it?

  9. As an Arsenal fan, I will forever love Cesc. I respect his decision to go back to Barca, and I hope he returns to all his fans in London in an AFC shirt someday.

  10. basically we developed him…from 16…they never wanted him so Wenger took him and made him who he is now…fact is…Barcelona are a bunch of fags!

  11. Im an arsenal supporter but I have to admit Barca are getting more out of him. Stats speak for themselves, 20 Assists and 15 Goals in 41 games. That’s already almost better than ANY season hes had for Arsenal. Barcelona stole him from us, as he was easily worth 50% more than what they paid for him.

  12. hes won the world cup (assisted iniesta in the final goal) better then any shit champions league. something cr7 and messi havent got

  13. He can, he simply has more ability so trys more daring passes. Hence why he has more assists in the last 5 years than Xavi and Iniesta combined. And ofcourse he says he wants to improve his game. Who tranfers to a club saying they want to get worse?…

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