Cesc Fabregas has said that the Spanish players have given a strong answer to the critics by winning the Euro Cup 2012. Spain has won this tournament for the second time consecutively. Before the start of the tournament and even during the tournament, some people were saying that the playing style of Spanish team is boring. As per Fabregas, those people, who were criticizing the playing style of the Spanish team, don’t have an idea of the technicalities of football. He said that the thing which matters the most is the result of the game and the results have been going in Spain’s favor since the last three years. The Spanish team has won three big tournaments in a row and that’s something incredible.


Fabregas said that winning the Euro Cup is a wonderful experience. The players still can’t believe what they have done. Winning both the World Cup and Euro cup is a fantastic achievement. But, at the same time, he said that the team has to carry on this winning momentum. As per Fabregas, when you win a lot of matches, you tend to be a bit complacent sometimes. But, the Spanish team shouldn’t be complacent and should keep winning matches. Fabregas is currently on a holiday. He said that the Euro Cup tournament was pretty hectic. So, the guys deserve a holiday break after the Euro Cup win.


Fabregas also took a transfer from Arsenal to Barcelona in August last year. On being asked about his new club Barcelona, Fabregas said that Barcelona is a great team. There are many great players in the Barcelona side. As per Fabregas, he is pretty happy to return back to Barcelona and rub shoulders with great players like Lionel Messi.  On being asked why he left Arsenal, Fabregas answered that he was not able to motivate the players through his captaincy. So, he decided to move. However, he said that if he leaves Barcelona in the future, he would like to play for Arsenal again.