22 thoughts to “Spain Players React To Winning Final Against Italy *HOT*”

  1. ” People who think that Spain’s game is boring ,´╗┐ in my opinion they don’t understand the game ” , Cest Frabregas. This is the plain and simple truth.

  2. …in other words, if he had a striker he knew for sure would bang´╗┐ them in, a David Villa for example, he’d of played with a centre forward.

  3. Did u read my post as to why? This isn;t something Del bosque drempt up one night. He looked at his squad, he sees 4 or 5 of the best midfielders in the world (cesc, Iniesta, Xavi, alonso) and he know both Intesta and Cesc can score goals, but contribute in midfield too. He´╗┐ had no striker that would contribute the same as those guys. In other words, the tactic to play with out a recognised striker came about because of the players he had. The players dictated that tactic. Can you see that?

  4. Apologies for the last line of my reply. I wasn’t being ‘ratty’. My point stands though. If Neymar had been at Del Bosques disposal, he’d be in that squad. I’d take Neymar over Juan Mata or Pedro. Not that they aren’t great players, just Neymar looks like an exceptional player. The players should dictate the system and tactics, not the other´╗┐ way around. Look at Ireland for example. The best Irish players were left at home because they didn’t fit Trap’s system. It’s crazy.

  5. You are thinking far too narrow minded. Why don’t Spain play with a regular forward? Because they don’t have one that can contribute as much as some of the midfielders that they can choose. The players available dictate the tactics, not the other way arounds. Besides, the word you used was ‘squad’ which refers not to´╗┐ the starting 11, but to all 23 men. There’s already a few forwards and strikers in there. Leave Pedro at home and bring Neymar. Have some manners in future and don’t call me ‘mate’.

  6. brazil are ranked 11th in the world …. argentina and brazil both did bad in the world cup 2010´╗┐ and didnt win the copa america last year , spain would beat both of them now

  7. Mate, Spain don’t even play with a recognised´╗┐ striker. So no, Naymar wouldn’t get in it.

  8. I don’t know about ‘many years’, but yes, this team as it stands, will have a very good chance in the´╗┐ next world cup. Remember, Xavi is in his 30’s, Inesta is not far behind. Inesta has maybe two more major International competitions in him, but Xavi, I think he’ll retire after the next World cup, especially if they win it. WHo knows though, right?!

  9. Winning 5 world cup doesnt mean they won with the same team. Spain won Euro twice and world´╗┐ cup with pretty much the same group of player thats why they are consider the best team ever.

  10. /watch?v=xlOzmBnEv2I
    Spain win Euro 2012 celebrates with the fans´╗┐ on the streets of Madrid 2012/7/3

  11. But I think its a task to think of nearly any player who could´╗┐ better this current Spanish team they are that good. A brilliant unit, team ethic, style & production line.

    Can’t even see them peaking for many years yet.

  12. Probably´╗┐ none from the current crop, but the great 70’s team – fuck yes!

  13. Name a brazil player that would get in the spain squad, and this is about know. spain are the best´╗┐ in the world.

  14. The euro isn’t that important!!!! Try doing what BRASIL did winning 5 world cups!!!!
    I would really want to see Argentina and BRASIL in this´╗┐ tournament to shut up Spain

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