25 thoughts to “The Cesc Fabregas of Arsenal – Absolutely Fantastic”

  1. Real’s style is good but not as good as Barca’s its just perfect as simple as that touch move they can play with there eyes closed as far as Madrid beating Barca fault taking out Xabi and Fabregas and leaving Alexis in the bench in a game that important and playing with all the youngsters like Thiago Cuenca and Tello Barca could of beat Madrid easy. Madrid from 2006 now that was a beast of a team but Barca is superior to all teams for the moment but injuries have kept them from wining titles.

  2. This video showed us how really important Cesc has been for Arsenal. I cried when I watched this.

  3. lol, Barca style was the most effective since 2009, until 2012 real Madrid have been far superior to Barcelona this season and there is no denying that Barcelona were not the best team in the world this season I’m sorry. As For INesta and Xavi Yes I’m sure injuries played a part but Cesc has all ways been better than those since he reached a certain age two plus he has had many more injury’s than most.

  4. Barcelona has been the best style since 2009no one has reached perfection like they have yes they might have not done a lot this year but thats because they have won EVERYTHING since 2009 no other team can do this teams get tired and need of some rest and thats what Barcelona is doing Xabi and Iniesta ARE the same players they were before but all the injuries they had this year kept them from playing at to there fullest Ive always been a Madrid fan but I do accept Barcelona is still ahead by far

  5. I really can’t understand arsenal fans who feel that he is a betrayer. Im a big barca fan but i like arsenal to because they play nice football and they play with many young players.
    He left because he missed his home and he always wanted to play for barcelona.It was his dream as a kid.
    He always talks good about arsenal and he shows respect for the club.Nasri&Cole thats two traitors and if van persie leaves for city then they are 3 but come on dont hate on fabregas all he wanted was to go home

  6. Well cesc, as always has been injured a lot so it take times to implement back into the squad especially when Inesta And Xavi have played together for years. However, When he has played he has been the outright best player in the middle for Barca. He has more goals and Assists than Xavi and Inesta I think. Barca can not claim to of made him the worlds best though Arsenal did that for sure, but he does feel at home with his old friends in Barca and he has quality’s beyond any other midfielder.

  7. But this season they are not even the best team in the world this season Real Madrid or even arguably Chelsea who won two major cups of which included a cup that Barca or real didn’t even reach the final. Yes I know there are rumours he is going everywhere but no body really knows. Neymar will take some time to develop Xavi and inesta are not the players they were before. All I was saying that the combination between Cesc And Van Persie was untouchable just injury got in the way of both of them.

  8. You know theres rumors that Barca might buy Van Persie to replace Villa next year right? And they also have a contract with Neymar to go to Barca when he’s contract expires in 2014 just imagine Messi,Xabi,Iniesta,Van Persie,Fabregas,Neymar in the same team Barcelona will sure be a killer team more then they already are in 2014.

  9. we love you cesc! if you wish to come back every arsenal fan will accept you with open arms, el capitan!

  10. Holy Crap – @2:10 – must be the most amount of talent gathered in one place: Henry, Fabregas, Vieira, Pires, Ljundberg, BERGKAMP!…I’m surprised the universe was able to cope with that concentration of awesome in one place.

  11. Top player, shame he left but no-one can blame him really, did all he could for the club. Maybe one day he’ll come back for a couple months like the King

  12. If Van persie and Cesc Had been fit together as much as Xavi,inesta and Messi have been then wow, Cesc Assist’s tally would be unmatchable by anyone ever.

  13. Cesc was and is the best Mid in the world, no body can touch him. Your right all the injury’s much like Van Persie caused them both to be rated down yet they still destroyed everyone and still do.

  14. paul scholes is a great player but cesc hasnt reached his prime yet……fact is cesc has excactly half the number of goals but still has a long way to go

  15. in terms of goals and assists cesc is > scholes. scholes at his prime had better passing (not by a lot) don’t forget fabregas is a young boy only 24. when he hits his prime even scholes at his prime wouldn’t touch him.

  16. Cesc wanted to return to his home club. Maybe in a few years he’ll realise he left it in 2011

  17. He is better than a 37-year old Paul Scholes, but Paul Scholes in his prime will never be matched

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